POP Activities

Point of purchase activities are one of the most valuable resources for brands today, and are capable of moving the dial in favor of one brand or another in the most convincing way. Considering that 70% of purchase decisions are taken in the point of purchase, no communications strategy is really complete if it does not consider specific actions in the exact place and time where consumers make this decision.


How do we do it?


We adapt the brand’s communication strategy to the point of purchase format. We design an approach and execution in an attempt to catch consumers’ attention, making them feel excited by involving them in the brand’s story. We generate a memorable space for the client which results in affinity with the product and values the brand represents.


We promote participation and interaction, and we entertain consumers with attractive and original activities. Some of the various possibilities to generate a brand experience and point of purchase activations:

Design, Production and Installation of Communication Materials
Contests and Special Offers
Brand Stands
Characters and Celebrities
Experiential Spaces and Activities
Redeemable Gifts and Promotional Merchandise
Selection and Training of Point of Purchase Staff