Talent Management

Talent is the most important resource for the execution of communication strategies and experience productions. Nothing tops the experience of one person talking and engaging with another person, especially if that person is talented, attractive, empathetic, and is capable of sharing the messages and values of a brand. Talent empowers a brand to come alive and develop a personality.


How do we do it?


We strive to seek, discover, attain, train, and foster the immense talent around us. Through castings and numerous training tools, we can reach very valuable talent. Once we discover new talent, we develop it and stimulate it; and build meaningful relationships based on mutual commitment. We constantly build and expand a diverse data base that is always up to date. This tool enables us to offer our clients a wide range of options that can be used for their experiences and brand activations.




Talent Hunting
Talent Development and Training
Talent Promotion and Placement
Talent Acquisition and Management

Events and Experience Production

Events and experience production is a must in communications strategies.


The fact your client purchases your product is not enough to guarantee a lasting relationship. Consumers demand more from brands; they demand and experience that transports them to a world where their emotions and sensations are stimulated, and where lasting, personal bonds are forged.


Production of brand experiences is a discipline that is constantly honed and reinvented. The technological resources that are available, creation of original ideas, inclusion of art in its many forms and fields, and above all, participation of people can really create unforgettable stories and experiences that consumers treasure. This, in turn, leads them to share these experiences as original content through digital media and social networks.


How do we do it?


We have a team composed of some of the most experienced and recognized executive and field producers in the country. Together, they are capable of bringing to life the most ambitious ideas with high standards of quality for execution, that guarantee the project’s success as well as the fulfillment of the established objectives.


Possibilities are virtually endless in experience productions, because they can be designed and tailored according to specific needs. Here are some of our favorite formats and activities:


Guerilla Marketing
Experiential Installation
Experiential Marketing Event
Experiential Marketing Vehicle
Nightlife Marketing
Street Permit
Mobile Billboard
Event Marketing Allow
Human Billboard
Bicycle Billboard
Experiential Marketing Tour
Graffiti Art Performance
Sports Marketing
College Marketing
Multicultural Marketing
Convention Marketing
Trade Show Activation
Event Sponsorship Activation

POP Activities

Point of purchase activities are one of the most valuable resources for brands today, and are capable of moving the dial in favor of one brand or another in the most convincing way. Considering that 70% of purchase decisions are taken in the point of purchase, no communications strategy is really complete if it does not consider specific actions in the exact place and time where consumers make this decision.


How do we do it?


We adapt the brand’s communication strategy to the point of purchase format. We design an approach and execution in an attempt to catch consumers’ attention, making them feel excited by involving them in the brand’s story. We generate a memorable space for the client which results in affinity with the product and values the brand represents.


We promote participation and interaction, and we entertain consumers with attractive and original activities. Some of the various possibilities to generate a brand experience and point of purchase activations:

Design, Production and Installation of Communication Materials
Contests and Special Offers
Brand Stands
Characters and Celebrities
Experiential Spaces and Activities
Redeemable Gifts and Promotional Merchandise
Selection and Training of Point of Purchase Staff